Monday, January 17, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again (Literally)

Back on my Bianchi Imola's Brooks B-17 to be exact. While I set up my bike and trainer in my wife's dance studio several weeks ago, one thing or another has stood in my way until now. Last week I came down with a stomach bug that (like a boomerang) hit me twice before leaving, I've been working full-time again, and the gym down the street has both weight machines and stationary bikes which makes for easy one-stop rehab shopping. While I've been to the gym many times, today was the first time since the accident that I clipped in for a spin on a real bicycle.

The feeling was better than I could have anticipated. At first, I had to remove a little grass that was still embedded in my left shoe clasp along with a crushed Endurolyte tablet that somehow found it's way into my right shoe. It was also my first time in cycling shorts and these, too, felt comfortably familiar. Throwing my leg over the top tube and pedaling while looking out the window at the driveway and the road beyond connected me more directly to the sport I love and will enjoy again before long. After clipping in, I cranked an Amadou and Miriam CD and got down to business cycling through one of Dirk Friel's great 60-minute base-building workouts in Workouts in a Binder.

I meet with my surgeon one week from today and anticipate that she'll release me from my sling internment and allow me to again begin rehab on my shoulder in earnest. I have (so far) spent 91 days with my left arm in a sling this year and I am officially sick of it! Once I get the green light, I'll be back to driving, stretching, lifting and all other forms of PT. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the surgery was mostly successful but the actual range of motion I'm able to regain will be discovered through the physical therapy process. I'm eager to get started so I can get back on the road in March.


  1. So great to read you've crossed the top tube again!

  2. Great news, GS. Inspiring. My son sometimes asks me "why are you going for a ride again?" I always say "because I can." Not can as in I have the time, but can as in I am able - I have the ability and the love to do so.