Thursday, January 6, 2011

Passion: Rapha jerseys and Pegoretti frames

"Passion is something that can’t be produced, can’t be invented. Real passion is something that comes from within."
~ Dario Pegoretti ~

Man, do I love a good Rapha jersey. The feeling of their signature Merino-poly blend combined with the snug fit makes for the perfect performance jersey, in my humble opinion. A jersey that's warm in cool weather and breaths in warm weather; who could ask for anything more? Lucky for me, the folks at Rapha decided to have a Winter Sale just at the moment I was deciding how to spend a little holiday cash that came my way. With the Club Jersey marked down 30% with free shipping, I couldn't afford NOT to buy it.

The pink/white/grey jersey I chose was inspired by the legendary Italian frame builder Dario Pegoretti. As you may know, Pegoretti is famous for making some of the finest steel frames in the world. Now, if there's one thing I love more than a Merino jersey, it's a custom steel bicycle frame. Just typing those words makes me giddy and light headed in anticipation of the new Indy Fab Club Racer, which will be coming my way (God willin' and the crick don't rise) this spring. Pegoretti was also the subject of this short film by Ben Ingham entitled "d'acciaio" (of steel). The film makes me love and appreciate the beauty of my friend Mike's Pegoretti frame even more. I mean, steel is real, baby.

So do yourself a favor, watch this short film, check out the Rapha Winter Sale and treat yourself to something wonderful this week.

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