Monday, November 20, 2017

My Coffeeneuring Roundup: Seventh Heaven Edition

Q: Which came first, autumn or coffeeneuring? A: I'm not 100% certain, but it's getting harder and harder to remember what life was like before Mary G. launched her global Coffeeneuring Challenge seven years ago. I'm a proud member of the founding coffeeneuring generation and wouldn't miss a season for the world.  I mean, coffee, bicycles, photography . . .  what's not to love? There's even a patch involved!

Ride 1 (October 25)
2 Beans - New York City
14 Miles
Black Coffee

While in NYC for a few school visits in late October, I made sure to check out the citywide Ai Wei Wei sculpture installation and filled up my travel mug with some black coffee from 2 Beans to enjoy a little coffeeneuring along the way.

Ride 2 (October 27)

Mudd Puddle Roasters and Cafe - New Paltz, NY
15 Miles

I teamed up with my pal Peter to enjoy a brisk fall ride through New Paltz one morning with a stop at everyone's favorite muddle puddle for a shot of espresso to start the day off right.

Ride 3 (October 28)
Village Market and Eatery - Gardiner, NY
40 Miles
Black Coffee

When your friend Jasmine tells you that she bought a new bicycle, you have no choice but to go out for a ride (and have a cup of coffee) with her to celebrate.

Ride 4 (November 3)
North River Roasters and Coffee House - Poughkeepsie, NY
14 Miles

I've been meaning to get over to check out the new North River Roasters and Coffee House our friends launched at the old Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory for some time and I was not disappointed. If you're ever in Poughkeepsie, this is a great place to while away some time.

Ride 5 (November 9)

Mohonk Mountain House - New Paltz, NY
17 Miles
Mohonk Tea

Every year at this time, I have back-to-back conferences at one of the finest hotels on the East Coast. Not only is the Mohonk Mountain House a historic treasure, but it's surrounded by countless miles of carriage trails with views for hundreds of miles in all directions. After a 17-mile loop during a break, I sat by the lake to enjoy a hot cup of their signature Mohonk tea.

Ride 6 (November 11)
Coffee Shop Without Walls
Slabsides - West Park, NY
8 Miles
French Roast

Looking for some inspiration on a big writing project, I filled up my Trek SOHO travel mug and rode up the hill to Slabsides, naturalist John Burroughs' rustic cabin in the woods.

Ride 7 (November 19)
Coffee Shop Without Walls
Walkway Over the Hudson - Highland, NY
22 Miles
French Roast

My final coffeeneuring entry comes on the last day of this year's challenge. I filled my travel mug with French roast and took off to meet up with Christopher M. at the finish of one of my permanent routes to clock his 10,000th RUSA kilometer in 2017.