Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Flatlander's Delight 200K was a Delight

The best way to celebrate the return of Daylight Savings Time? A long ride, of course. Today was an absolutely ideal day for an early spring 200K permanent. The day started at 31F, but by noon temps were in the 50s and the sunshine was abundant.

Today, Andrey and Bill and I chose to ride the misnamed Flatlander's Delight 200K. With a total gain of over 7000 feet, there's nothing excruciating about the ride, but there are some choppers in the middle to get the blood flowing. One of the best features of the route is the stretch in rural Columbia County. In particular, I love the three miles of dirt roads we get to enjoy.

We stopped for lunch at mile 98 at the Historic Village Diner in Red Hook which is renowned for good food, pleasant service and large helpings.

This was the first time since the December that I've ridden my new Indy Fab. You know, steel frame +  road salt = not good. So with a March 200K in the bag, I'm one step closer to the RUSA R-12 Award. In fact, I'm just three warm, spring months away from completion.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spoke(n): The Detours Cycling Ambassadors Blog Launches

Detours launched Spoke(n) their new Cycling Ambassadors blog today and my posts will be featured. I plan to post a few updates each week and you can read my first entry at this link.

I'm thrilled to have been asked to blog about my cycling experiences (while spreading the love about randonneuring and bicycle commuting) on their website. The Detours High Tails seat post bag has served me very well over the years, on rides long and extra long, and I'm eager to test other gear they have in the lineup. I'll be sure to share the love here on this blog when I encounter other products that meet a particular rando need.