Monday, January 10, 2011

Goals 2.0

I realize, less than two weeks into the new year, that there there is a fatal flaw in my plan for 2011. It's not that I'll be unable to achieve any of my stated goals individually (who knows at this point) but rather that two of them are mutually exclusive.

  • Pay back my wife for all of the sacrifices she's made and support she's provided. 
  • Participate in PBP 2011. 

It's easy for me to be pretty self-involved when it comes to riding and especially when it comes to setting goals of what I plan to achieve on the bicycle. After the accident, though, I realize that I can no longer make decisions so flippantly or unilaterally. While I have no symptoms of PTSD, I'm not sure the same is true of my wife, kids and other close family members who had to imagine all too vividly a world without me. Getting a phone call at 6:30 in the morning from a hospital two states away has a way of leaving an impression.I think it's going to take more than a year to get my team to feel good about all that goes into completing a 1200K.

Some things are a lot more important than riding 1200 kilometers on a bicycle. Even though PBP has been my dream ever since I began randonnuering in 2007, it's not going anywhere. While London-Edinburgh-London is a longer, more physically challenging and intimate event, PBP is a ride to do at least once in one's life. Perhaps it's a ride to do every four years. It is certainly a life goal of mine. It's just a goal I won't accomplish this summer.

So here's another pass at the season with more thought about the impact my riding will have on my family. 

Goals 2.0

  1. Treat everyone in my life as well as I have been treated by others this past year.
  2. Pay back my wife for all of the sacrifices she's made and support she's provided.
  3. Complete a full SR series.


  1. Well said George and very wise, you are quite right. Completing a 1200 does not just take just one person. It must be a relief in a way that you made this decision. Have a great year, enjoy your time with your family!

  2. George,

    I'm sure randonneuring spouses and significant others are cheering. You've reached a lot of lofty goals already and will continue to do so in the future. Keep at it.

  3. I'm in NW CT and it doesn't seem like you're that far away.... How far up in the Valley are you?

  4. WOW! Love lesson one*point*oh. I could do to learn just one tenth of your selflessness. You've got a great wife there, ... and she's got a great husband!

    Yr Pal Dr C

  5. Nice work keeping your priorities straight. I'll see you on the gentle road this spring.

  6. Thanks, all! Best wishes to all of you as well in 2011. It's going to be a great one, I can just feel it! I hope to ride with each of you at some point. @Swarm Catcher - we may need to put that off until L-E-L in 2013, but who knows? @z-man - I'm near New Paltz. I'd love to get out and ride in the spring. You may also be interested in one of the two permanent routes I manage in this area - check the RUSA site for more details.