Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Stillwater 200K: November's R-12 is in the book.

Today marked my return to Pennsylvania to ride in a brevet for the first time since my accident last year. I was a little nervous as I drove out there, but the curse has been lifted. Not only did I complete the Stillwater 200K handily, but I also enjoyed the hell out of it. This gorgeous view of the Delaware River was just one for the many lovely vistas riders were treated to throughout the day.

I have the feeling that when this pump was active, gas was not $3.68/gallon.  I'm guessing it was more like $0.47/gallon. When I used to pump gas back in 1982 it was $0.68/gallon. Back then cigarettes were about $0.65/pack, too. Crazy, huh?

A parting view of the river from the pedestrian bridge heading back into Portland. I may not have cracked the 10 hour mark, but I did make it back before sundown.

Today I rode with my new Joy Bot just for extra security. My Joy Bot (made by artist Gary Hirsch) is programed to bring me joy and bring me joy he did. Here's a photo of him taking advantage of the lovely view from my new Kinesis top tube brevet bag.

Next up: December R-12. Close to home or far afield? Time will tell.

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