Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Clean Bill of Health

Today my orthopedist examined my hip to determine whether I have any signs of the avascular necrosis (bone death) that develops in 30% of femoral neck fractures when blood flow doesn't adequately reach the ball of the femur. Avascular necrosis strikes within two years of an initial fracture and results in the need for a total hip replacement. So, I'm displaying no symptoms, feeling great and emerge from the visit with a clean bill of health. The doctor doesn't want to see me again. We're leaving the screws in, we're leaving the rods in, I have no more surgeries on the horizon.

I can't tell you how relieved I am to know that a total hip replacement is not in my immediate future! With no physical restrictions and no need for physical therapy, it's time to train and rebuild my strength, endurance and flexibility like an athlete and not like a patient.


  1. GREAT NEWS! That's a load off.

    Tr Pal, Dr C

  2. Fantastic news, we'll see you soon on the road. Mike

  3. Thanks for the good news! Best of luck with your 2012 cycling goals.
    -Tom Rosenbauer, Eastern PA RBA