Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My R-12 Adventure

Over the past several years, more and more randonneurs have been logging monthly brevets and permanents of at least 200K in search of better fitness and the coveted R-12 Award. Finding time to squeeze a monthly 200K into the calendar is hard enough with complex work and family schedules. Add in extended sub-zero temperatures and frequent snow and freezing rain and it can be all but impossible.

Scanning the list of R-12 award recipients, the lack of New York and New England states is immediately apparent. With five rides already in the bank, it's only December, January and February that give me any concern, but I'm confident that this will be my year. More information about the R-12 can be found at this link.

Next up: the Flatlander's Delight 200K permanent over the first weekend in December.

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  1. As one of the few New England riders with the R-12 award, I can tell you I watched the weather like a hawk. I had some lucky breaks; one was a 48 degree day in PA on January 1st. You have the benefit of ownership of your permanents; when the weather breaks you can jet out the door. Call in sick!