Monday, October 8, 2012

When Randonneuring Leads to Coffeeneuring: Ride 1.

A warm cup of joe and a classic black and white at the Mudd Puddle.

Fall is in the air; the leaves are changing colors, a long sleeve jersey feels just right - it must be time for the annual Coffeeneuring Challenge. Created last year by the inimitable MG over at the Chasing Mailboxes blog, the challenge is to ride to seven coffee shops over the course of six weekends. I had hoped to complete my October R-12 ride today, but with my son's bar mitzvah later in the month and a large work project looming, I opted to inaugurate my coffeeneuring season with a quick run to New Paltz. The Mudd Puddle is one of my favorite cafes and their freshly roasted coffee and tasty black and white cookies never disappoint.

The restored church at the Huguenot graveyard in New Paltz.

Ride 1 by the numbers: 24 miles, 1.5 hours, 1 black and white cookie, 1 coffee.

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