Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coffeeneuring in a Hurry: Ride 2

While the fall is typically a time to slow down, this October I feel like I'm traveling relentlessly at high speeds. With a bar mitzvah and wedding on the same day in two different states, I squeezed my coffeeneuring ride in while the house was still asleep. I awoke before dawn and crept downstairs to suit up in my full winter kit. We had the first hard freeze of the season last night and temps still hovered below freezing as I clipped in. Climbing the hills behind my house got my blood flowing and warmed me from the core.

I enjoyed a quick 12-mile loop which included a stop at my beloved Apple Bin Farm Market for a hot cup of coffee and a few pieces of fresh rugelach. Sadly, the warm apple cider donuts were not yet ready.

Ride 2 by the numbers: 12 miles, 55 minutes, two pieces of rugelach, 1 coffee.


  1. Ooh-- I imagine the apple cider donuts are amazing where you are! They would be worth riding for.

  2. They sure are! You can imagine my disappointment when finding out they were not yet ready on a cold Saturday morning in October. Oh well, next time . . .