Friday, February 17, 2012

The Newest Detours Cycling Ambassador

A few weeks ago, I happened upon a notice on the Detours Facebook page soliciting applications for their new "Cycling Ambassadors" program.  It turns out that Detours was looking for some real world cyclists to use and blog about their bags.  This seemed to me like a perfect job. I'm a big fan of Detours bags, having used their High Tails EXP UL as my main brevet bag for a number of years on rides from 200K to 1400K with satisfaction, so I'm optimistic that I'll like their other bags as well.

I've also had very positive interactions with the Detours staff. When I needed to replace my previous bag after it was taco-ed during my accident, the folks at Detours were most agreeable about offering me a replacement at cost. I love a company that not only makes good products, but also stands behind their work and bends over backwards to replace damaged goods.

The other day I was notified that I was accepted as one of 13 Detours Cycling Ambassadors from all over the US (and Asia!) Here's the deal - Detours sends me some bags. I use them and write about my experiences on a special blog set up for this purpose in the Detours site. Not a bad arrangement, I must say.

While their new range is not designed specifically with the randonneur or endurance cyclist in mind, there are quite a few bags that look like they will be easy to put to good use. These will probably be most useful for commuting to and from work and riding around town on errands of one type or another. I eagerly await the package from Seattle and will be sure to let you know how it goes.

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