Sunday, February 5, 2012

February's R12 Ride: Cooking While Riding.

I created the "Keep the River on Your Right" 200K permanent as an insurance policy against terrible winter weather as I seek out the R12 Award. I figured that a flat route on primary roads with wide shoulders is a good thing to have up your sleeve during the long, snowy Upstate NY winters. Little did I know, winter would skip us this year, yet it's great to have this ride in the rotation anyway, just in case. It's hard to believe, but with eight months and December, January and February under my belt, the hardest part of the R12 may be behind me.

This route starts near my house on the Western shore of the Hudson River and heads north along several Western byways keeping the river in sight much of the way, crosses the Rip Van Winkle Bridge at Catskill-Hudson, heads south along SR 9 through the farms and towns of Red Hook, Rhinebeck and Poughkeepsie en route to Beacon where we cross the river again alongside semis on the US 84 bridge. After that, we keep the river in view along scenic and historic River Rd. and then scoot up 9W to the Highland Rail Trail and home.

Perhaps the best thing about the ride today was the fact that after a little pre-dawn slicing and dicing, I was able to leave ingredients for chili in the Crock Pot for a full 10 hours to cook all the while I was turning the cranks. Now that's my kind of cooking!

Andrey crossing the RipVan Winkle Bridge.

The Beacon-Newburgh Bridge has a bit different feel to it.

The obligatory panda shot. My first 200K with the new Rapha Classic Softshell. What a jacket! Love the technical features - vents under the arms came in handy as the day warmed up.

Nothing hits the spot after a cold 200K than a plate of hot chile!

Just four more months to go until sweet R12 success!

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