Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lake Placid Training Ride (with Coach Troy)

18 degrees with 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground? Sounds like a perfect morning for a 56-mile spin over the Lake Placid Ironman course . . . on my trainer. Coach Troy to the rescue. Knowing the storm was on the horizon, I set up the studio last night and rolled out of bed before 9:00 this morning, brewed a pot of coffee and clipped in for a 3-hour training session. Living in the cold and snowy Northeast, I love the Spinervals Virtual Reality Series of training DVDs, each of which follows a loop of an Ironman bike course. So far, I've got Lake Placid, NY, Louisville, Kentucky and Madison, Wisconsin. It's pretty hard to keep up the motivation to get on the trainer for a one-hour workout, but 3-hours - forget about it. These DVDs make all the difference and really help build aerobic endurance over the winter in order to hit the spring in good form.

Well, I wasn't able to meet my three trainer session workout goal this week, but I did get to the gym for a good strength workout and managed to hit the trainer once mid-week before this morning's ride. I hope for better results with a few hour-long interval sessions and at least one 3-hour session per week to get my muscular and aerobic endurance up.

In ultracycling news: Bryce Walsh just posted a stage win in his Cairo-to-Cape Town race. Go Bryce! More on that here.

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