Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Rapha Festive 500: Day 5 (52km)

I'm going to miss these guys. Just about time to pack everyone up in the shed for another 11 months. Riding in the cold winter months is hard, but somehow finding seasonal lawn ornaments around so many corners is somehow entertaining. Today's ride brings my Festive 500 total to 249 kms.

Off to the post office today to return the lovely Craft Elite Winter Jacket my mom bought me for Christmas. It turns out that the fit is just too snug in the wrong places so I'm going to kick in a few extra nickels and have them ship me the gold standard: the Rapha Classic Softshell.

The weather is about to get ugly, with 35 mph gusts on tap for tomorrow, so I've moved this week's 200km ride to Thursday. Don's coming out from CT so it should be fun. Stay tuned.

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