Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some great news!

I got some great news today from the orthopedist I was working with at Helen Hayes during my stay there.  After taking a look at an x-ray of my hip during a follow-up visit, he said my femoral head looked very good and that it was "unlikely" that I will run into trouble down the road. He suggested that the lingering pain, sensitivity and mobility struggles in the left hip are muscular in nature, which is normal. I will not need another follow-up exam until next August unless there is increased pain. With a break such as mine, in 30% of the cases the bone develops avascular necrosis (death through lack of blood) and needs to be replaced. While Floyd Landis won the Tour de France after his hip replacement (and dosing on hormones) I'd rather not have one at age 45, all things considered, so this was great news. It was really reassuring to hear that my bone seems to be healing properly. 

The most reassuring thing, though, is the continued and miraculous support I get from Jessie on a daily basis. Jessie is an absolute wonder as a wife, mother and friend. Despite all of the challenges, she continues to inspire me daily with her determination and good humor. I could not be a luckier guy.

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