Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week Two at Home: Progress in several flavors.

Fully into week two after being discharged from the hospital, I am feeling more settled and independent each day. After getting some confusing and disappointing news from my insurance carrier last week, I seem to have navigated my way into a) an appropriate level of care from my therapists and b) an appointment next week with an outstanding shoulder specialist at Beth Israel hospital in New York. I also met with my GP yesterday to prove that I was still alive and he had no trouble granting me driving privileges. It's such a relief to both Jessie and me that I can drive!

I met with my new occupational therapist today who works out of the same office in New Paltz as my new physical therapist. I enjoyed the session (I really am becoming a masochist) and felt like it represented a very productive start. For example, after working with him for about 30 minutes, I was able to lift my arm farther than I have since the operation. Hopefully this is a good omen.

Finally, after therapy today, I took my iPod and crutch and hit the Walkway Over the Hudson. This time, I was able to make the full round trip to Poughkeepsie which amounts to about three miles. While the pace was slow and measured, it sure felt great.


  1. Good to hear about your progress George. Excellent news.

  2. Thanks, Swarmcatcher! Hope your season ended well. Do rando seasons ever end? Don't forget to put your feet up on a couch and recharge for next year. Plans for PBP?

  3. Yes, plans for PBP. I was hoping to see you there. If 2011 is too early, there always the next one!

  4. Great! Still on my horizons. We'll see what happens with my shoulder. I guess I could switch to a low steering recumbent if necessary. Safe travels!