Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gone fishin'

Well, it looks like that spill I took on the Cranbury 600K back in June actually fractured my humerus. It's funny when you're sitting in the doctor's office and the diagnosis of a broken bone is actually GOOD news. I was very glad to hear that I had not torn my rotator cuff, though. Anyway, it looks like I'm off the bike for four weeks with my arm in a sling. This corresponds with a whirlwind family vacation that was not to include cycling of any great proportion anyway, so the timing is actually not bad.

I'm sure glad I listened to my wife and sat out the recent Lap of the Lake 1000K. Finishing the 600 with a broken arm is one thing, but 620 miles is another altogether. I just submitted my registration and hope to be recovered and able to ride the Endless Mountains 1000K in late August. The doctor didn't say yes and he didn't say no, but I may have neglected to mention the actual distance . . . Time will tell.


  1. George,

    Sorry to hear about the broken bone. But sometimes these forced times off the bike end up being beneficial. I was feeling pretty burned out Saturday, doing 8,000 feet of climbing in the high 90s heat and humidity.


  2. Hey Jud, Thanks. Can't wait to hear about Quadzilla. Hope it met your expectations. I saw your name on the EM 1000K list. Maybe we can catch up then.