Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Coffeeneuring Challenge: Cup #1

Seven coffee shops in six weekends. What a great idea; just as the season is winding down, Mary G. threw down the gauntlet on her Chasing Mailboxes blog by creating the Coffeeneuring Challenge to keep the motivation high and infuse local economies with a little rando-currency. The only trouble is, this year, I'm gearing up as most folks are down shifting. Nonetheless, I love the idea, so with one part of my mind focussed on the elusive R-12, the other part can ease up and smell the coffee.

My Coffeeneuring Odyssey began today with a quick solo spin over to New Paltz to the Mudd Puddle Cafe.

26 miles, one steaming espresso. Now I'm off to the Woodstock Film Festival, gotta run.


  1. AWESOME! I love the espresso cup gently clasped in your cycling-gloved fingers!

  2. Thanks for the challenge, MG! Can't wait for my next adventure. Brevet on Saturday so it may just be a short coffeeneuring ride on Sunday.