Friday, July 5, 2013

Just Another Medium Training Ride

It's strange, but lately I've been forgetting about the good old "medium" training ride. Seems like I'm either heading out for shorter 1-2 hour rides or spending the whole day in the saddle. Missing have been the glorious half day rides that make you feel good to be alive. Last weekend, it was a trip down from the Catskill High Peaks and today it was a 70-mile loop that took me over the Shawangunk Ridge to the far side of Ulster County where, if the bumper stickers on the pick-up trucks are an accurate measure, quite a few people are none to happy with our President. Politics aside, the climbing was robust and the views were sublime. 

The Shawangunks always remind me places I've been out West.  

This guy brought a smile to my face.

My favorite local "S" curve is now paved in black gold.

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