Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Shifting Sands of the Randonneuring Calendar

Getting long-distance cycling events on the calendar is always a remarkably complex task when you have (at least) one full-time job and a family with children living at home, but this spring has been more hectic than most. In fact, I'm quite sure it's been my busiest spring ever. The months of April and May are always a blur when you work in a school and as a principal the events really tend to compound at the end of year. Since I'll be starting a new job in July, the past few months have been especially busy as I work to get up to speed with the demands of my new position. Add to this the leadership program I run and the key role I play in my wife's end-of-year dance concert and you'll understand why my head has been spinning more than my wheels.

This year, scheduling the 400K has been a particular challenge. All possible weekends for easily accessible rides were ruled out early on by either family or work commitments so I widened my search radius. I had hoped to get up to ride in the Central NY 400K again this year. It was a bunch of fun in 2012, with gorgeous views from smooth, low-traffic roads throughout the Finger Lakes. At the last minute, though, I had to pull out to take care of a few family needs. While I was able to squeeze in a nice 200K last Sunday, I still need to find a place for this 250-mile piece of the puzzle.

Through a complex set of negotiations, it looks as though I'll be able to ride in the VT 400K at the end of the month. I had originally written this one off, since I'll be away from home for the three preceding days at a residential conference. When I pointed out to my wife that swapping an early September 400K with this one would provide us with another weekend at the beach she was more than happy to embrace the plan. It was one of those rare win-win family calendar negotiations where everyone leaves the conversation feeling as though they've had gained something special.

So I'm off to New England at the end of the month. I've yet to ride one of the VT events, but I've heard nothing but good things. Time to get these climbing legs in shape!

Up next: VT 400K on June 29.

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