Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fine-tuning a Favorite Permanent Route

While riding my Hudson River Double Cross training ride this morning, I decided to stop off and take a look around the grounds of the historic Wilderstein mansion. One of several stately Hudson River homes in the immediate area, this one was built in 1852 and occupied by FDR's cousin/lover Daisy Suckley featured in the film "Hyde Park on Hudson" until her death at age 100 in 1991. The view is pretty majestic, but the home is only open for visitors during the summer months.

In addition to getting a good 50-mile workout on a lovely Sunday morning, I was also taking notes on a re-route of the Keep the River on Your Right 200K permanent that will bring riders closer to the Hudson on several gorgeous back roads between Rhinebeck and Hyde Park. Riders will now be able to take a peak at Wilderstein and the Mills Mansion down the road as well as the Vanderbilt Mansion and FDRs home in Hyde Park that appeared on the original route.

With my first official brevet just two weeks away, I better get some more training miles in . . .

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