Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Festive 500: New Year's Eve Edition (Stage 6)

500 kilometers in 8 days. To a seasoned randonneur, it barely sounds like a challenge. Believe me, though, the riding was the easiest part of the Rapha Festive 500. Despite sick children, family commitments and snowstorms, I made it: just under the wire. 500 kilometers, done and dusted. 

The best part of today's ride? I began with a plan to ride a 200km permanent route, but after 70 miles or so, I decided to change tack, cross the River at a different location and weave together a bunch of familiar roads into a 190 kilometer ride. As much as I like having a plan, the looseness of today's ride was liberating and connected me to the joy that cycling brings to my life. Good to switch things up from time to time, to keep the sense of adventure fresh.

Today's ride: 190 kms. 
Festive 50 total: 501 kms.


  1. I hate riding on any roads with some ice, great job on 500k in this stuff!


  2. Hi Bob - thanks for the kind words. I agree - ice is a bit dicey. I wore a small mirror for the last two rides and this really made a difference. Knowing exactly who was behind me and at what distance made dodging small patches of ice and snow in the shoulders much safer and less stressful. I'm looking forward to throwing the bike up on the trainer for a change until the weather improves.