Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Coffeeneuring Challenge: Cup #3

With my Yom Kippur fast fresh in my mind, it was not coffee I was in search of this morning, but rather some sweet, greasy carbs. I knew exactly what to do: build a nice gentle loop from my front door to the Apple Bin, the closest coffee shop to my home that I've been saving for just such an emergency. So off I pedaled through the lovely fall foliage and arrived an hour later ready for a few fresh cider donuts. I did get a fresh cup of Costa Rican coffee to wash them down, but it was the donuts themselves that make this roadside farm stand a stop worth making. Thankfully, the Coffeeneuring Challenge gave me the motivation to slow down and smell the donuts.

A few more signs that fall is in the air.

16 miles, two cider donuts and a black Costa Rican coffee.

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