Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm on a Roll, Baby! The Flatlander's Delight 200K Permanent.

"We don't care about no stinking construction: we're randonneurs."

Less than a week after my inaugural brevet of the year, I was back at it with Jon L. as we spent the day riding the pleasant Flatlander's Delight 200K permanent. I'm on a roll, baby! At the NYC 200K last Sunday, I mentioned to Jon that I thought I might ride a permanent this week, so I was glad to get an email from him a few days ago suggesting that we team up on Friday. Since my long overdue family vacation at the beach starts this weekend, I was more than happy to have a little added incentive to finish up my work and skip out for a day in the saddle.

We got off to an early start and enjoyed a few hours of riding in the cool morning air with mist rising off the fields and streams along the way north towards Catskill. After the first control, we crossed the Hudson River in the Hudson, NY as the sun came out and temperatures rose. Fortuitously, we ran into Bob O. out for a long training ride and for about the next 50 miles we enjoyed tales of brevets past and future. I was especially eager to her Jon and Bob talk about their plans for the upcoming edition of PBP.

Jon and I are nearly engulfed by a giant, refreshing Iced Latte at the first control.

I was eager to squeeze this ride in before heading out on vacation, because this just may be the year I succeed at netting the elusive R-12 award. In years past, it's just seemed like too much of a commitment to get out for a 200K religiously each month. At times it would have meant not achieving other cycling goals that seemed more important at the time. This year, however, as I'm pulling myself back into shape, a 200K each month might be just what I need. Stay tuned!

Next event on the horizon: D2R2 on August 27.


  1. Good luck on D2R2! Sounds like a great ride

  2. Thanks! I've been dying to ride it for years and it finally fits into my schedule.