Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paved (Summer 2011): Handmade Ecstasy

Have you seen Paved yet? The world probably needs a new cycling magazine like a hole in the head, but this one is good, really good. Luckily, I was hanging out with my friend Jim this week and he passed along his copy knowing what a sucker I am for old-school steel frame bikes. The magazine is great, and I especially like the photo essay on modern handmade bicycles in the style of the mid-century French constructeursPeter Weigle, the grandfather of the modern constructeur renaissance, is featured as are Tony PereiraSasha White, Ira Ryan, Dan Boxer and a handful of others. The photos are delicious and the article is informative and very well written.

It was this bike above, though, built by Black Cat Bicycles that really caught my eye. It's no secret that I love a good set of Honjo fenders, but these along with the beautiful light blue frame looks quite a lot like my Independent Fabrication bike currently under construction. Seeing this has inspired me to build my frame up with silver components, and white cables and bar tape as well. What a beauty it is and will be!

Paved is a skinny tire spin-off Bike magazine edited by Joe Parkin of Dog in a Hat fame. Published four times per year, it's not yet possible to subscribe, but last time I checked, the local Barnes and Noble was stocking it and it's also possible to order online off their blog. Thanks, Jim!

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