Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally Time for a Fitting!

Today I made the trip back to Paul Levine's Signature Cycles studio for a proper fitting to see if anything's changed since the accident that would affect the build on my new Independent Fabrication Club Racer. Luckily, I found that my numbers were pretty similar to the ones Paul had on file from 2008. My hamstrings are still tighter than I'd like them to be, but my pedal stroke remains strong and symmetrical. The only modification I may need (which may be temporary) is to slide the left hood back just a few centimeters to accommodate a slight limitation in my left shoulder range. That will probably straighten itself out and I'm very pleased that none of the permanent measurements on the new frame will be affected.

I've decided to go with the exact same model, same color, same component group and same accessory set-up. I was completely satisfied with the last version, and without going crazy over researching a replacement, I'll be very happy to just get back on the road with a familiar friend. In only six to eight weeks, this chapter will come to a close.

I may go with the hammered rather than smooth Honjo fenders. Need to think about that one. Perhaps I'll take a spin through my new copy of The Golden Age of Hand-built Bicycles for inspiration.

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