Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's official: I have a season!

It's official: I have a season! I just registered for the epic Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnee (D2R2 for short) and this will be the marquis event of the season for me. With over 15,000 ft of climbing on 180K of mainly dirt carriage roads in neighboring Massachusetts, this ride should be one hell of a lot of fun. The Rapha folks profile this ride on their Continental site. I mean, there's even a short film.

I've wanted to ride D2R2 for several years, but I've always been out of town in the end of August and unable to join in on the fun. Luckily this year, it seems to be scheduled a week later than usual and my vacation rental is scheduled a week earlier than usual, so bingo! we're all set.

As I pushed the "complete" button on the BikeReg site and looked at the confirmed rider list, I felt that familiar adrenalin surge that accompanies event planning. Somehow, making a commitment focuses training in a direct and productive way. So here we are: my season officially begins with the Five Boro Bike Tour next weekend and builds to my "A" event on August 27 at D2R2. Sprinkled in between and afterwards will be a variety 200K brevets and permanents and maybe even a century or two. Eight months after my accident, I couldn't be more pleased. Now the training really begins.

(Photo: Rapha)


  1. I'm so excited for you. A realistic yet challenging goal; just the ticket!

  2. George,

    Nice! Enjoy! The city ride sounds fun too.

    Mike / Raleigh

  3. George,

    I hope you'll consider the NYC 200k on Sunday, July 18, 2011. That goes from the GWB to Bear Mountain. It's a classic route.


  4. That sounds like an excellent ride, I think I will be signing up too. I see, most people in the movie do this on road bikes. Anyway, enjoy the 5Boro ride next weekend, it will be my first.

  5. Thanks guys! Things are looking great. Today's ride was the best so far this season. @JerseyGuy - Isn't the NYC 200K on July 31? I have it in my plans for sure. That route was my first brevet ever. @Alex - Enjoy! Yes road bikes at D2R2, but perhaps with some wider tires . . . Hope to get my from rebuilt by then so I can use my 30mm.

  6. Rich and I rode the D2R2 last year and the descents were scarey enough to make me wish I had my mountain bike tires (I rode my 36's). Tire choice really depends on the weather, last summer was hot and dry so the roads were gravelly and dusty. a little rain would have done the roads a lotta good. but inspite of the road surface it is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL ride. by far one of the prettiest routes I've ridden. and the rest stops are FANTASTIC! the food is delish and the beer at the end is most welcome. You are going to have a ton of fun!