Sunday, March 7, 2010

2010 Goals 2.0

It all seemed so simple back in December when I laid out my goals for the 2010 season. Problem is: a few things have happened along the way to change my plans. Most notably, the ACP in Paris issued their 2011 PBP brochure complete with pre-registration details. As anticipated, they announced that preregistration priority will be granted to riders based on the distance of their longest single 2010 event. Those who complete a 1000K will be able to hop onto the registration line on April 3, 2011 while those with only a 600K under their belt will not be able to register until April 17, 2011, etc. The thought of hundreds of riders getting a two week jump on me makes me nuts, so a 1000K event this summer it is!
In early July, I’ll be riding in the Lap of the Lake 1000K which starts and ends in a small town near Rochester, NY. We’ll pass the Thousand Islands, the city of Toronto and Niagra Falls on our counter-clockwise spin around Lake Ontario. This self-supported brevet with two border crossings will build my endurance and test my logistical abilities and prepare me for PBP. It should also be a whole lot of fun.

Of course, this change has the knock-on effect of bumping a few other things around. Since I’ll be pedaling around the lake on the second weekend in July, I won’t be able to race in the Saratoga 12/24 as I had planned. In addition, we’ve recently firmed up family vacation plans which will have me out of the country during the weekend of Quadzilla. Ah well, easy come easy go. My primary goal for 2010 remains the same:  prepare in all ways for PBP 2011.


  1. A lap around a lake is 1000km? Even London to Edinburgh isn't that far. Looks like a great ride though with plenty of highlights, I'm quite envious. Good luck.

  2. I hear the lake's so big there are TIDES! Can't wait to see it. Should be a great time. Looks a lot flatter than LEL, though.

  3. this is very inspirational George. I am about 4 years behind you. PBP 2015 for me,


  4. Funny. I had to update my 2010 goals after reading about Cyclos Montagnards. Oh, and that little thing about how entries for PBP will be prioritized based on [one's] longest brevet in 2010. But it can't be all about 2011... it's the journey, not the destination.