Sunday, October 25, 2009

Planning for next season: the RUSA 2010 calendar is live.

October is truly a magical month in the Northeastern U.S. The leaves are majestic and, when we’re lucky, the air is crisp and fresh. Another great thing about October is the release of the upcoming brevet schedule. Last week, the official 2010 calendar appeared on the RUSA website. After realizing that the calendar was live last week, I immediately began the process of entering all potential rides into my on-line Google calendar. Superimposed over family and school commitments, I'm now beginning to see the possibilities and the shape that my upcoming season will assume. Since my main long-term goal is to participate in PBP in 2011, I want to make sure that my events correspond with and support the evolving requirements set out by the French organizers.

At the moment, it appears that:

  • NATIONS will raise their total rider allotment through the total number of events ridden during 2010 by all riders.
  • INDIVIDUALS will be able to register according to deadlines associated with the highest total distance event they complete in 2010.

Today, the weather was marvelous and I enjoyed riding more than I have in weeks. The wonderful beauty and warm air all around me started me dreaming of next year. So check out the new calendar and see what’s in store for you . . .


  1. That leaf shot is fantastic. Let's ride together again in 2010. One in NY, one in NC.

    Mike / Raleigh
    Research Trailer Park

  2. Can you share your 2010 plan with us?

  3. Hi Swarm Catcher! 2010 goals coming later this week. Thanks for asking. How about you?