Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking forward: Goals 2010

Today is that magical day when time seems to stand still. Day One, 2010; a time to look forward and not back. I have found (both in my own life and in my work with teachers and students) that we are most likely to reach goals that are specific and concrete. I’m done with goals of the “this-year-I’m-going-to-be-a-better-person” variety.

In 2010, my top four goals are to:

  1. Ride a full SR series (Princeton 200, Saratoga 300, Boston 400, Westfield 600). The dates are already on the calendar, having been carefully chosen to avoid work and family conflicts. These rides will help me train for PBP in 2011 as well as provide me with results to qualify for early PBP registration.
  2. Achieve a top-10 finish in Quadzilla: a 400-mile odyssey through the Finger Lakes region of New York State. While not technically a race, this ultra event with an advertised 28,000 feet of climbing promises to draw a large field of strong ultra riders.
  3. Achieve the Cyclos Montagnards' “R60” designation. The R60 is awarded to cyclists who complete a full ACP SR series within 60% of the maximum time allowance. Business guru Jim Coillins urges organizations and leaders to develop “big hairy audacious goals” (BHAGs). These are outrageous, seemingly impossible goals that will set a standard for excellence. The R60 is my BHAG. The CM also acknowledge R70 and R80 performance. Details can be found on the CM website.
  4. Achieve a podium finish in the Saratoga: 12-hour race to avenge my fourth place finish in 2009.
In addition, I plan to:
  • Be one of the top 10 riders in the 2010 UMCA Indoor challenge.
  • Log at least 4000 miles in the UMCA Year-Rounder competition.
  • Take yoga on a weekly basis to build core strength and encourage healthy alignment.
  • Utilize my new GPS effectively for mapping, downloading routes and riding in events.
  • Map and submit two additional Hudson Valley permanent routes to RUSA.
  • Save $ for PBP 2011.
While simply enjoying a safe and healthy season of riding is reward in itself, these goals will give shape and form to my year.


  1. Very professional goals George! You've made me consider adding a few time targets into my own goals. I need to work on speed. I don't want to get competitive with others, but an R60 type goal sounds good. Have a great year!

  2. I don't know what it is, but you've got Cyclos Mongotard written all over you! My goal was to run >250K vertical and a sub-40 10K, but after reading this, I think I should try harder.

  3. Always try harder! Remember the BHAG!