Monday, July 30, 2012

Tour de PDS: Stage 1 (The East Side of the Hudson in 177 miles)

At 6:30am on a gorgeous, dry Monday morning in mid-July, I clipped in and rolled out of the Poughkeepsie Day School parking lot heading south. Coming off a week of above-average temperatures mixed with high humidity, the conditions boded well for a journey through 25 towns and 177 miles. The Tour de PDS had begun.

The final route for Stage 1.
Not sure why they chose these colors, but I'm glad they did.
Garrison, NY 10524 
The view of Bear Mt. across the Hudson.
A very refreshing lunch in Pawling before the big climb.
The major climb of the day crosses the Appalacian Trail.
Another quaint hamlet sign.
Lovely farm country abounds throughout the Hudson Valley.
Friends Jill and Doug slow down to say hello.
The oldest inn in America.
The FDR home is one of the many historic spots along the river. 
Back again, safe and sound as night falls.
Stage 1: The final count.

In all, it was a delightful day.

Up next: Stage 2: Exploring the West.

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