Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do you still ride without a Road ID? I don't.

Do you still ride or run without a Road ID? I don't. Mine just arrived this week and it looks a lot like this one, except it has my name and contact information on it instead of Jamie Johnson's. That seemed to make the most sense.

I never thought I'd be lying on the side of the road unconscious or otherwise unable to direct medical help after a crash. That is until this past summer when I was hit from behind by a distracted driver. One minute I was riding along, an experienced randonneur on a 1000K brevet, and the next minute I was in a hospital emergency room about to undergo surgery to repair several of the 25 bones I had broken. How did I get there? I certainly was of no help. Luckily another rider happened upon me and let the rescue workers know I was connected to an organized event.

While my wife finds the Road ID to be a grim reminder that I engage in life-threatening fun, we're both more comfortable knowing that if anything does ever happen, I'll get the best help possible. For less that $20, it seems well worth the peace of mind. In addition to my contact information, I added one last line to help me focus on the future. It reads: "Randonneur - PBP 2015."


  1. I bought mine, used it when I was recovering from my blood clot, but stopped. Just pulled it out again. Thanks for the reminder! Sure can't hurt, so why not?

  2. I use a dog tag. Just as detailed and easy to find.

  3. Glad to hear it @CurioRando. As long as you're wearing something, @Iron Rider. I hear many other cyclists wear dog tags, too. As long as the rescue workers think to look I'm sure this is just as good. I love that the Road ID is so obvious and exposed and in the same place as a medical alert tag. Safe riding, friends.